Agile Leadership: How to Build Resilience?

EGN Cross Functional Webinar

EGN Invites you to join EGN Cross-Functional Webinar: Agile Leadership for Disruptive Times: How to Build Resilience? By Dr Paul Aitken and Sunil Deshmukh.

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 26, 2020. 3 PM Networking. 3.30 PM - 5 PM interactive workshop.

Agile Leadership for Disruptive Times: How to Build Resilience?

Disruption is the 'New Normal' as we transition from Business Model Disruption to Disruption of the Entire World.

How can you improve your Personal Resilience and handle this challenge?

In this new world, it is no secret that everyday leadership practice has to be agile and collective.

Come and learn how our 12 Agilityship Practices can help you maximise your combined leadership potential and build the resilient workplace culture you and your colleagues desire.

Also learn more about the role Coaching Psychology plays in building leadership resilience and supporting personal transitioning.

As you join with us, ask yourself - "What exactly does this 'New Normal' mean for you and your role in business?"

Come and take part in an interactive session with our two experts in the field of Leadership Agility Coaching - Dr Paul Aitken and Mr. Sunil Deshmukh.

About the speaker:

Sunil Deshmukh
Leadership professional with global experience of three decades. Has experience from developing business strategies to managing operations to providing Board-level oversight & Governance, worked across a range of consumer markets including Africa, Asia, Middle East, Singapore and India.

Thought leader, Start-up advisor, Mentor & Leadership Coach, Independent Director, visiting faculty and motivational speaker.

Sunil is certified coach of "Leadership Agility - Agility-ship" - leadership model developed by Dr Paul Aitken in UK.  Sunil teaches leadership agility practices along with Dr. Paul Aitken in Singapore & Asia.

Sunil is currently advising several tech start-ups in India- some of them are in Artificial Intelligence based on Sound Analytics and Video Analytics platform, Data Analytics etc. Sunil is also the Director on the Board of such Companies.

Sunil is qualified Management Accountant (CMA) from India & USA, Qualified Company Secretary (FCS) from India & Post graduate in Commerce and a Law Graduate, thought out a First-Class Academic career.

Sunil is also a keen follower and Practitioner of Positive Psychology and is a Certified Counselor and has a Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology from The School of Positive Psychology Singapore.

Dr Paul Aitken
Dr Paul is Founder - Mastering Leadership Agility Ltd.

Consultant and mentor to Founder-Owner Entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives and their managers on creating 'sustainable' commercial and public good value across sectors in multicultural settings; comprising leadership agility practices consultancy, coaching, training and continuous in-work education and development programmes.

Advisor to two Prime Ministers' Departments (New Zealand and UK) on CEO public sector leadership succession planning and development.

International guest speaker appearances include, KBKI Indonesia national leadership conference (January 2020), the launch of the Singapore 'Executives Global Network' seminar series in 2019, and a guest slot on New Zealand national business radio (The Chris Laidlaw Show), as advisor to the former Prime Minister of New Zealand on nationwide CEO leadership selection and development processes.

Leadership Development thought leader and creator of a proprietary, useable at any age and in any circumstance, cross-cultural, 'personal values-guided' 12 leadership 'agility' practices learning methodology and diagnostics technology; also using experiential learning, natural world insights and multi-sensory learning, with the goal of creating more viable and sustainable enterprises for our world.

03.00 PM: Networking/ Registration
03.30 PM: Webinar start. EGN introductions and speaker introduction
03.35 PM: Agile Leadership for Disruptive Times: How to Build Resilience?
04.35 PM: Q & A and key takeaways
04.55 PM: Meeting end


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