"Covid19: the future of work has never been closer"

EGN APAC COVID-19 - Virtual Knowledge Sharing Session 12

EGN invites you to EGN APAC COVID-19 - Virtual Knowledge Sharing Session 12 - "Covid19: the future of work has never been closer" by Mercer on June 30

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 10.00am - 10.55am (Networking since 09.30am).

This is your chance to connect with your fellow EGN members weekly for a 30 min informal networking session in breakout rooms and a 55 min facilitated Knowledge Sharing Session in regards to your current COVID-19 related challenges and strategies.

This time we will discuss "Covid19: the future of work has never been closer"

While most leaders are (rightly) focused on the immediate tactical implications of Covid19, some have also started to think about what it means for the longer-term. They want to discuss the strategic impact of the Covid19 outbreak. While no one has a crystal ball to learn the answers from, it is clear that there are a number of emerging paradoxes that are important to take note of. For example, how can we reconcile the political trend of de-globalization with the technological trend of "work from anywhere"? What about the current focus on maintaining as many jobs as possible when this crisis might actually enhance the business case for automation and adoption of AI (no people = no health risk!)?

What does a better world look like after all of this? In this discussion, Mercer will introduce some ideas about the emerging "new shape of work" and then challenge the attendees to discuss the longer-term social, technological and economic trends that Covid19 is accelerating/creating.

About the presenter:
Lewis Garrad is passionate about driving performance and improvement in organisations through people focused solutions. He enjoy learning about businesses and organisations - finding out what makes them tick and helping them find ways to really unlock the potential of their people.

Agenda (SG Time):
09:30am Networking in breakout rooms
10:00am Welcome
10:05am Knowledge sharing on topic of the day
10:55am Meeting Close


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