Cross Functional Meeting

Evolving risk concerns in Asia-Pacific - Building resilience in an increasing uncertain business environment

We have invited Steve Wilford, Senior Partner APAC at Control Risks, to run a workshop on the timely topic: Evolving Risk in Asia-Pacific – building resilience in an increasing uncertain business environment

Thursday, September 14 at 8:30 am to 10:30 am

The workshop will adress potentially game changing issues such as uncertainty created by the unpredictable trajectory of US policy to the fragmenting terrorist threat, businesses operating in Asia-Pacific face an unprecedented breadth of political, regulatory and security risks. 

Understanding how these risks play out is crucial for companies and Senior Leaders across all functions as they reassess and adjust their strategic plans for the new era.

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Steve Wilford will outline the Top 5 risks for businesses and Senior Leaders in Asia Pacific, examining the key threats Senior Leaders operating in the region need to consider and lead the discussion on how to minimize the risk and build up strategies and initiatives to avoid the threats and bring it all together with some concrete actions and takeaways from the meeting.

It promises to be an informational and very engaging session.

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