Designing Adaptable Organisations Sustainable Results

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"Designing Adaptable & Purposeful Organisations Sustainable Results"

EGN is pleased to invite you to the EGN HR Leaders peer group Zoom WEBINAR on Wednesday 22nd July at 10:30am

In this session, Adrian Ole, Deloitte will share research on adaptable organisations and then share a couple of real case studies for discussion and deep dive with the Group.

  • "The world changed overnight and we are now trying to recover.  From past experiences , we know there will be growth opportunities in the years ahead, but it's anyone's guess what they will be.  Instead of predicting, we need to create the conditions for adaptability.  That means a fundamental shift in how we lead, work and organize ourselves.
  • But look where we are starting's organizations are built like 19th century pieces of hardware trying to run 21st century software.  Deloitte research says 90%+ of companies want to experiment with new ways of working, but 65% say most work is still controlled top-down and functionally siloed. Our structures are heavy, slow and complex."

We have a small window of opportunity to reboot our organisations.  In this session let's discuss how we might make organisations less frustrating, more purposeful and able to solve the perplexing challenges we are facing,

Topic: "Designing Adaptable & Purposeful Organisations Sustainable Results"
Date: Wednesday 22nd July 2020 10:30 -12:30pm - registration & networking from 10:00am

Detailed Agenda
10:30 - 10:45: Welcome to all, New Members, Review actions and How are we Checking In
10:45 - 12:00: Topic of the Day: Present, Share and Exchange and Questions and Challenges
12:15 - 12:30: Commitments and Actions

For members, who wish to tap the Groups' insights and experiences, we also facilitate a deep dive "hot seat" on a specific challenge.

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