EGN Business Owners Peer Group Kick off Meeting.

EGN Business Owners, Singapore 1

EGN Invites you to join EGN EGN Business Owners Peer Group Kick off Meeting.

Date/Time: Thursday, July 30, 2020. 8am networking. 8.30am - 11am Peer Group Meeting.

Welcome new Business owners, I am very pleased to have you as part of this dynamic group.

We will soon be meeting for our kick-off meeting for Business Owners/SME, Singapore 1, and it is of key importance to the group that I ensure your time and your participation makes the group a success for you, and all of the members.  At this first meeting, we will meet most of your peers, and have the oppportunity of individual introductions and reviewing the key benefits of being part of EGN. This is also our opportunity for everyone to come together as a proactive group to raise and identify the most relevant topics for discussion at the upcoming meetings, while also setting up the expectations for the group and yourself.  I will share some suggested themes before the meeting in order to provide some 'food for thought' so we are all prepared for a valuable discussion within the meeting. I will also send out a relevant article for discussion closer to the date, to ensure you have some key knowledge sharing and opportunity for key topic discussion even in our very first meeting.

Please be prepared to speak briefly (2 min max due to hosting the meeting virtually) about your expertise and your key challenges. This is not just a networking opportunity, but a key chance to really define what you expect from the group, and how you can help or benefit from other members and their experiences. If possible, please bring along any requests for topics you would like the group to focus on. I look forward to seeing you at what will be a highly interactive and stimulating morning of introductions, networking, and building our focus. For all our meetings we will send out an invitation and ask you to register on EGN's Members Universe (mobile app and website). Please follow the link below to register for our kick-off meeting and then you can download the meeting into your diary automatically.


08:00: Registration & Networking
08:30: EGN Introduction
08.40: Welcome - group exercise, getting to know each other
08.50: Group introductions
09.50: Tea, Coffee Break and Networking
10:00: Expectations for the group
10:10: Topics for discussion, meeting formats and hosts
10:55: Meeting close

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