Executives Loneliness. How to overcome workplace isolation

EGN Cross Functional Interactive Webinar

EGN Invites you to join EGN Cross Functional Interactive Webinar: Executives Loneliness. How to overcome workplace isolation by Nick Jonsson.

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 29, 2020. 10.00am networking. 10.30am - 12.00pm Keynote followed by discussion and Q & A.

Senior executives were already anxious and isolated before the COVID-19 Physical Distancing regulations kicked in. With their companies now in crisis mode with many of their employees suffering, they have to carry this heavyweight alone on their shoulders. But who is looking after them? Executive Loneliness is now a more critical topic than ever.

Nick presented his Executive Loneliness keynote to EGN members also at Distrii on February 28, 2020. However, many members were not able to attend on this day and has requested that Nick repeats this Keynote to the members. This is your chance to listen to Nick's keynote virtually and participate in a discussion with your fellow members.

About the presenter:
Nick Jonsson , Managing Director of EGN Singapore, has dedicated time and effort to raise awareness on Executive Loneliness and eliminate the stigma around this phenomenon, and in this webinar, he will share his lessons-learnt on this important topic. During his work at EGN, Nick has identified that feelings of isolation and depression, personal struggles he himself had to grapple with and conquer, are much more widespread than we think. Modern work culture encourages executives to project success and achievement, while thousands are actually suffering in silence and denial.

10.00 AM: Networking/ Registration
10.30 AM: EGN introductions and speaker introduction
10.35 AM: How to overcome the workplace isolation. Keynote by Nick Jonsson.
11.05 AM: Discussion and Q & A with key takeaways
11.55 AM: Meeting end


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