How leaders can reduce the stigma of mental health at work

EGN Cross Functional Virtual Event

EGN Cross Functional Virtual Event: Changing The Game: How leaders can reduce the stigma of mental health at work by Aarathi Arumugam

Date/Time: Tuesday, August 3, 2021. 8am networking. 8.30am - 10am interactive workshop

Changing The Game: How leaders can reduce the stigma of mental health at work.

IT IS ALL OF US. According to a new Accenture research, mental health is not a minority issue anymore. In the workplace, it touches almost all employees and can impact their ability to enjoy and live life to the full.

In these times of unprecedented change, it is important for leaders to hold up the mirror to themselves, in order to create an environment where it is acceptable to speak openly about mental health at work.

In this session Aarathi speaks about FOSUitis (the Fear Of Speaking Up) and how it relates to mental health and wellness. In her unique style of storytelling, she shares how leaders can make a positive difference and change the game by creating a safe, supportive culture at the workplace.

About the Speaker: AARATHI ARUMUGAM

Aarathi is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, moderator, and   mother;   passionate    about    being    in    business  and connecting communities through causes close to her heart.

With a career trajectory that has taken different paths from corporate, volunteer organizations to start-ups, Aarathi sees the knowledge, experiences and skills gained from these roles as her personal MBA and harnesses this power to help nurture families and individuals on their journeys, so that they may thrive and celebrate their own growth.

With her humor, authenticity, and matter-of-factness, Aarathi manages to take a topic that is typically ‘taboo’ and uses it to empower others to be brave in their journey. Based on her personal experience of building a family, Aarathi speaks about mental health, resilience and finding alternative ways to go after what you want to achieve in life.

Aarathi is a member of KeyNote Women’s Speakers Directory, the leading registry of female public speakers globally.

08.00 AM: Networking/ Registration
08.30 AM: Webinar start. EGN introductions and speaker introduction
08.35 AM: How leaders can reduce the stigma of mental health at work.
09.35 AM: Q & A and key takeaways
09.55 AM: Meeting end

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