Leveraging Behavioural Science for Business performance

EGN Cross Functional Virtual Event

EGN Invites you to join EGN Cross Functional Virtual Event: How can Behavioural Science help increase customer and employee engagement, and improve brand experience by Richard Bordenave.

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 10, 2021. 4pm networking. 4.30pm - 6pm interactive workshop.

Leveraging Behavioural Science for Business performance.

The creation of specialized Behavioural sciences units within many governments (including in Singapore), and now large multinational groups such as Netflix, Facebook, QBE, or Grab has accelerated the global influence of applied behavioral economics. Their teachings have today inspired business domains such as Customer Experience, User experience (UX), Marketing and Sales.

In this interactive workshop, you will discover what is Behavioural Science, and how this field of research has informed successful interventions to increase engagement of customers as well as employees. The speaker will share useful frameworks deemed to improve customer-centricity, and illustrate via case-studies, how “Nudges” can help successfully change people’s behaviour.

"Nudge" is a concept established by Thaler, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics, and Sunstein his co-author, initially designed to improve public-policies (Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, 2008). Nudges are gentle prompts or tweaks in the environment that encourage the adoption of behaviours that are beneficial to the individual, to the brand, as well as the community.

This workshop will be the opportunity for you to learn how to design a good nudge and discuss implications for brands and organizations (including ethical ones).
About the speaker: Richard Bordenave.

Richard is Co-founder of BVA Nudge Unit in France (2013), now leading BVA Nudge Unit in APAC from SG (new offices after Paris, London, Santiago, New-York)

He has over 20 years with Marketing & Innovation roles on the client’s side at MNC (Danone, Mondelez), and 10 years in Market Research & Consulting industry, with VP Innovation roles at BVA Group (Leading insight company in top10 Global), incubating what was to become the BVA Nudge-Unit.

Richard has worked with clients like Nestlé, Orange, HSBC, Google, Fonterra, and the French Government. With one endeavour: make customer insights & Behavioural science simple & actionable in everyday practice!

He is a Keynote Speaker, Columnist & author (HBR, WFA, Asia research, Marketing society, book in 2004) and occasional lecturer at Nanyang University.

04.00 PM: Networking/ Registration
04.30 PM: Webinar start. EGN introductions and speaker introduction
04.35 PM: How can Behavioural Science help increase customer and employee engagement, and improve brand experience by Richard Bordenave.
05.35 PM: Q & A and key takeaways
05.55 PM: Meeting end

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