Post Traumatic Growth How EMDR create next level resilience

EGN Cross-Functional Webinar

EGN Invites you to join EGN Cross-Functional Webinar: Post Traumatic Growth - How EMDR can create next level resilience by Dr. Glenn Graves.

Date/Time: Monday, October 12, 2020. 10am networking. 10.30am - 11.55am interactive workshop

Post Traumatic Growth - How EMDR can create next level resilience.

Hear from trauma expert Dr. Glenn Graves how PTSD can also be converted Into an opportunity for growth. Post Traumatic Growth or PTG is a real concept. Also you will become more aware of how even subtle uncomfortable daily incidents can be considered a trauma that should be resolved by reprocessing it through an adaptive lens. 

What is Trauma? Most people think it relates to a very serious accident or injury but a trauma could be a simple comment from a friend on a bad day or a scowl from a business partner in a meeting that sends a hurtful message. It could appear as an anxiety of failure or incessant drive towards perfection, which again can often come from a traumatic interaction. The actual experience of a trauma is based on our perception of threat or danger, mixed with an internal response that forms a negative belief about the person or their situation. This negative belief can then begin to slowly undermine the person and their emotional stability. 

PTSD or chronic stress or a toxic environment can all have extremely harmful effects. Being able to get rid of these is necessary for our sustained health. Transcending and even growing from them is possible.  

In the talk, Glenn will define Post Traumatic Growth, and then talk about the various examples in the corporate sector where traumas can undermine the C-suite and CEO's. He will discuss some of his treatment approaches, which include EMDR, Mindfulness, Self Hypnosis, and Nuerofeedback for enhancing meditation and calm states. 

Glenn will give examples of how faulty beliefs are formed and how they are overcome and how positive psychology can help the process of Post Traumatic Growth and Resilience.

About the speaker:
Dr. Glenn Graves is based in Singapore and has been counselling and coaching expatriate families and local professionals in Southeast Asia since 2004, as well as providing online counselling and coaching since 2006. Glenn is now a CTI trained life coach, a member of ICF and offering coaching support globally. He is effecting change in individuals as well as the corporate community through a creative and holistic wellness approach.

Glenn holds a PhD in Psychology with specialisation in Creativity and Existential-Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy and believes that being creatively adaptive is an essential component in healing and growing. While he is trained in handling even the most severe case of PTSD, he is a firm believer in the potential for PTG or post-traumatic growth. 

10.00 AM: Networking/ Registration
10.30 AM: Webinar start. EGN introductions and speaker introduction
10.35 AM: Post Traumatic Growth - How EMDR can create next level resilience by Dr. Glenn Graves.
11.35 AM: Q & A and key takeaways
11.55 AM: Meeting end

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