Resilient Leadership - future proofing your organization

EGN Cross Functional Meeting

Today's organizations need to be future oriented and entrepreneurial focused to navigate the turbulent environment and be prepared for disruptive changes.  Leaders are no longer judged just from their performance during good times but rather how they display strength, courage and professionalism during trying times - transformation, leadership transition, high turnover, restructuring, poor performance or crisis.  Their team rely on them to be composed, remain focused and mostly to support and listen to their concerns, stand-up and be their voice.  Resilient leaders become the role model to build an agile and engaged organization that will remain loyal through good and bad times, fail fast and learn for it and continue to perform during adversity.

About the speaker
Yolanda is the co-founder and COO at WOOSH5.  Yolanda brings both a successful HR and coaching track record and personal belief in resilience development as a must for the 21st century.  As COO, she leads work in coaching, curriculum and assessment, and is responsible for the development, delivery and impact of WOOSH5's product lines and programs to its clients.

Prior to WOOSH5, Yolanda held professional and management positions at Philips, ICI, GITP and Shell/Montell.  She wrote several books on self-development and resilience, published in the Netherlands.
Yolanda holds a degree in A&O psychology and is internationally registered e-coach.

Sean Tan is a sport and fitness enthusiast, a people leader and an entrepreneur in the industry.  Sean is a lawyer by training, but after practicing as a commercial litigator for 12 years, he decided to take the more unconventional path of business and has held senior management positions in various industries, including sports event management and consultancy and coal mining.  Before his current role as a Director of True Group – one of Asia’s largest fitness and wellness group with 23 fitness clubs, he served (and is still serving) as General Counsel of 3 Hong Kong-listed companies.  He is a living example of “Doing what you love, and you’ll never spend a day in your life working”.  Sean brings energy and innovative change to the industry and his passion for fitness infects his members, his staff, and even other industry compatriots.  Sean leads from the front, and lives and breathes what he believes in.

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