The Leader as Coach

Exeuctive Leadership, Singapore 5

Executive Leadership, Singapore 5

I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on Friday, 17th July 2020.

Focus Area: Leadership
Meeting Topic: "The Leader as Coach - How we need to be able to flex our leadership style to stay effective in the post-Covid-19 world"
Panel Discussion - participants to be confirmed
Date: 17th July 2020 from 08.30-10.30 (meeting room opens at 08.15 for networking)

As we all know, we live in world of continuous and unexpected change. Now more than ever, organisations need to be agile and ready to react to disruption as the world adjusts post-Covid-19. Successful executives must increasingly supplement their industry and functional expertise with a general capacity for learning and they must develop that capacity in the people they lead. No longer can leaders simply command and control. Nor will they succeed by rewarding team members mainly for executing flawlessly on things they already know how to do. Instead, with support from their organisations and those around them, they need to reinvent themselves as coaches whose job it is to draw energy, creativity and learning out of the people with whom they work.

During this session, we will consider the benefits of using coaching as a leadership style discussing why it is even more important today, when it should be used to be most effective and what are the skills and traits required.  We will draw on the knowledge in the room to identify how to develop ourselves to become better and more effective coaches and how this can be instrumental in building a coaching culture within our teams/organisation.  We expect the session to be highly interactive and you should take out of the discussion that is of immediate benefit in these challenging times.

In addition, we will have a "hot seat" discussion where one of our members will share a current challenge or opportunity. The group will then discuss the challenge and try to provide input and ideas on a way forward based on the group's own extensive experience.

We look forward to seeing you virtually and hope that you join prepared to share your experience with your fellow members.  We expect that at the end of the session, you will take away some new insights and have some ideas and actions to take back into your organisation. If you have any questions or thoughts about how we can make this session even more impactful, please feel free to contact me.

08.15: Meeting room open for networking
08.30: Meeting opens/EGN update
08.35: Today's topic: The Leader as Coach
09.35: Hot Seat discussion
10.30: Meeting closes

We are expecting a high turnout and a stimulating discussion.  Please try to connect with your fellow members, log in to the Members' Universe and attend the broader EGN events.

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