TV presenter essentials for CEOs hosting live webcasts

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Please note that the event is FULLY BOOKED

Many senior business executives already address customers and staff through live webcasts and webinars.

But retaining viewers' attention, getting them to act on their message, and thereby making the investment worthwhile, is tough.

Find out tips and tricks TV presenters use to attain, retain and regain audience engagement in this practical breakfast briefing at a TV studio near Raffles Place.

We will cover:

-  Preparation shortcuts
-  Re-engaging audience members who have tuned out
-  Persuading remote viewers to act, interact or transact
-  Overcoming stage fright
-  Recovering from technical difficulties

About the presenter
Mark Laudi spent 12 years anchoring CNBC Asia Squawk Box, and current affairs programs on MediaCorp Radio and ABC Radio. He has been coaching senior business leaders for more than 13 years in media skills, executive presence, conference keynotes and panel charisma, and navigating the ever-changing media landscape.

This event is strictly limited to 15 members.

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