Unleash Your Potential. Refuel Your Goals by Magan Kalra

EGN Cross-Functional Interactive Webinar

EGN Invites you to join EGN Cross-Functional Interactive Webinar: Unleash Your Potential. Refuel Your Goals by Magan Kalra.

Date/Time: Monday, August 17, 2020. 4pm networking. 4.30pm - 6pm interactive workshop

Wouldn't it be great if life came with an instruction manual? That way, you wouldn't have to guess how to become highly successful.

You'd simply take the goal, issue or pressing problem you were faced with pinpoint the principle that solved it, use a simple exercise to apply the principle and watch a compelling life unfold before you.

Just think: If you could do that, you'd have an unshakable belief in yourself, tackle personal and business challenges better.  Live with passion and purpose, have good money habits and more money in your bank account.

You'd easily catapult yourself to the pinnacle of your business and career. stay on track with your life's goals, achieve more, faster and attract greater opportunity into your life.  Enjoy more vibrant relationships, have more free time, be more productive, build a better business and realize all your ambitions.

In this high impact session you will learn powerful new habits that bring astonishing opportunities and extraordinary results!

Key takeaways from this session
" How to multiply your results by 10X.
" How a positive attitude affects every area of your life.
" How to change the outcome of anything in your life and business.

Get ready for an entertaining and insightful session delivered by award-winning people and performance expert, Magan Kalra. 

About the speaker:
Magan Kalra
 is an internationally renowned Business Growth Coach acknowledged by numerous Fortune 500 companies. He has trained and coached individuals and teams across cultures in Asia, America, Europe, Middle east, and Africa to over 60 different nationalities. http://www.magankalra.com/

4.00 PM: Networking/ Registration
4.30 PM: Webinar start. EGN introductions and speaker introduction
4.35 PM: Unleash Your Potential. Refuel Your Goals by Magan Kalra.
5.35 PM: Q & A and key takeaways
5.55 PM: Meeting end

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