What does business look like in the Post Covid-19 world?

Executive Leadership, Singapore 3

Executive Leadership, Singapore 3

We look forward to seeing you at the next EGN Executive Leadership, Singapore 3 Peer group meeting.

Topic: What does business look like in the Post Covid-19 world?
Time: July 1 2020, at 9AM - 11AM Singapore time. Networking start at 8.45AM

This will be the first session among the many that our peer group will discuss the Post Covid-19 world. The objective is to prepare all of us from different business sector to enter the new normal. I will be presenting a couple of slides based on the material that I'm reading from many consulting firms. I'll also send you some reading material prior to our session. After the short presentation, we will go into breakout groups for a discussion before reconvene to gather our thoughts.
Your ideas are all welcome!

08.45: Networking session with fellow members
09.00: Introduction of members (2 minutes per person) - 5 Questions template
09.30: Short presentation on the "Post Covid-19 world" by Ricky
10.00: Breakout room discussion
10.30: Reconvene to share our thoughts and findings
10.55: Meeting close

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