22 January 2020

Myanmar Project Professionals A Vision of Success

Myanmar Project Professionals A Vision of Success

A Vision of Success: Myanmar Project Professionals Set Their Sights on a Bright Future.

This week Nick Jonsson, MD with EGN Singapore shared his "Executive Loneliness" Keynote with over 400 professionals at the Myanmar Project Management Center (MPC) Symposium in Yangon. With the theme “Myanmar 2020 Vision: Ensuring Project Success in the Next Decade,” He highlighted that project success depends on people and people depend on each other. It is therefore essential that executives and project leaders are connected and don't isolate themselves. The challenges we face these days are so great that we cannot rely entirely on ourselves, our families or communities, or our organizations to support us and help us stay on track. We need a small group of professionals at our level with whom we can have an in-depth confidential discussion.


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