EGN Singapore Members Testimonials

Peter Thewlis
Managing Director at Hillsbrooks Consulting

EGN is a unique forum of professionals who are accessible as a network in a wide variety of ways. The regular events are stimulating, providing insights and current thought-trends on key topics. In the specialised group meetings, issues are very focussed. Probably of most valuable are the many opportunities to network across functions, industries, levels, geographies etc., There develops a great sense of mutual trust across the membership as confidentiality is very much respected.

Steven Marangos
Marketing Director - Asia Pacific at Huntsman Corporation

I joined EGN in 2016 and found it thoroughly engaging through the wide network and focus groups they have established. I found Nick Jonsson an excellent MD as he has ensured the Membership & Discussion Topics are relevant and thought provoking. I learnt a lot from how other organizations approach similar opportunities and problems that I would not have been able to gain elsewhere to which I integrated to some level in my own work environment. Thank you for the EGN experience Nick

Leslie Whiteford
Managing Director, Corporate at VISTRA

Hi Nick, Sorry to be leaving the Network and Singapore. I found my 4 years in the Network very rewarding and very much appreciate the time and effort that you have personally invested in making that happen. The variety of topics covered in the Network wide breakfast meetings was greatly appreciated. I hope the network continues to grow and, who knows, perhaps one day I’ll be back to re-join. Best Leslie

Deborah Anderson - Andres
CEO at Ang Chin Moh Funereal Directors; Flying Home Pte Ltd

Since Nick came on to EGN in Singapore you could see that he really wanted to grow the group and cares about the groups needs and goes out of his way to deliver. A good listener, Nick is always engaging and making sure no one is left out. Nick has done a wonderful job with both the focus and cross functional groups. Using personal experience to further enhance what EGN and its members can bring to the table. It has been my pleasure and honour to get to know Nick and I am excited to see what he brings to the table next.

Robin Moens
Director HR Singapore & Malaysia at Kuehne + Nagel 

The past years I have been part of EGN in Singapore, and I must say that it has been a great experience. The variarity of topics, important for my profressional and personal developement, were presented and shared with other engaged professionals. There is a strong networking culture within EGN, where everyone is positive to get the most out of interaction and sharing. All the sessions, for me with the HR group and also open sessions, where always very well organised, ensuring a positive atmosphere. Also the EGN App is interesting, as this opens a whole new network for you. Overall a great experience, very well managed by Nick. Wishing all the Best!

Andrew Yen-Chen Mak
PBM, LL.B.; Consultant/Of Counsel at Fortis Law Corporation; Board Director

I know Nick since he took over the management of EGN Singapore. He has a good vision of what he wants to achieve for the organisation and is very willing to listen to ideas and feedback. He takes the extra mile to reach out to stakeholders - understanding their needs and exploring how the organisation can add value to their professional/business pursuits. He has succeeded in refreshing EGN Singapore - attracting new/more members and making activities more interesting, more varied. The breadth and depth of the membership and activities are the lifeblood of any networking/knowledge-sharing organisations. Nick is steering EGN Singapore in the right direction. He has a good hold of both strategy and implementation.


Atul Gogna
Founder at INSTAC Consulting

Ever since Nick took over as the head of EGN Singapore, there has been a marked improvement in the quality of EGN events, its responsiveness and attendance by members. Since the value I derive from EGN depends exactly on these factors, I'm delighted by this. On a personal level, I find Nick to be a very practical, likeable and easy person to deal with. Well done Nick! 


Sunil Deshmukh
C-Suite Executive with Global Experience, Start-up Advising, Mentoring, Leadership Consulting & Coaching

I know Nick as a Managing Director of EGN Singapore. I have been EGN member for more than 3 years and have come across many leaders and professionals during this time. Nick is different, he is very professional, goes an extra mile to help you, highly collaborative, very good in networking and relationship building, I have worked with him very closely on one of the session at EGN and I found him very genuine, grounded and ready to help to see that the program is great success. Nick is great guy to work with and a good leader of his organisation.


Teck Chong LAI
Business Model |Enterprise Solutions |Digital Transformation |Budgeting |Project Management|Analytics |Cyber Security|BI

During my acquaintance with Nick, he has been efficient, professional, organized, and a fantastic team leader. I have enjoyed my time working with Nick and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. His knowledge of managing events and expertise in communication was a huge advantage to EGN.

John Ogier
Facilitator, Event Emcee

Collaboration | Communication | Coaching | Australia | Asia |

When the top job at EGN changed and Nick was appointed MD, it was a breath of fresh air. He has a highly collaborative style that serves to empower his team to make decisions for their own areas of responsibility and take ownership of the outcomes. With clients he makes himself available to listen and find ways to innovate and support their needs and expectations. Tough when the need arises, Nick is a goal driven leader who can motivate his people to join and share his vision of the future.

Simon Ang
Associate at Click & Connect

Nick is a top guy - professional, passionate and ever so humble. I consider myself fortunate to have met him and his team at EGN. I belong to the Supply Chain Leaders' group chaired by Prof. Keith Carter and I'm honoured to be able to network and learn from an elite group of Supply Chain 'rock stars'. I also love attending the cross-functional events, which gave me the opportunity to share and learn from other sharp minded professionals. I would certainly encourage anyone who wishes to broaden their current professional network to join EGN. Just reach out to Nick! 

Sreedhar Kakade
Sales partner of Micro Focus, Veracode, Tenable, ERP Scan, Quixxi and other security products

Nick comes across as a very honest and reliable person. I attended his session and his communication skills are excellent. He is also well liked by his other clients and has a good number of loyal followers. He is also very good to his team members and treats them with respect. He also runs a highly successful networking group and the topics are relevant and meaningful. I wish him greater success in his future endeavors.


Alexander Mearns
Health Practitioner, Founder of Levitise - Holistic Lifestyle Centre, Health and Wellness Speaker

Nick put on a really good show on behalf of EGN last night. He gave a super emotional talk on his personal journey in dealing with executive stress, loneliness, depression and related problems. He also introduced a great speaker who covered practical ways for dealing with workplace stress. Very thought provoking stuff. There was a really engaged audience representing the great-and-the-good of downtown Singapore and it was nice to rub shoulder with some old friends too. Looking forward to the next event Nick.


Alex Lapshun
Managing Director, Asia at Shimeba Consulting

I met Nick about seven months ago. He just stepped into the MD of EGN Singapore role. He brought energy, passion, and drive to make the best of EGN. I was a bit sceptical when I joined the Network, and I couldn't see the value of my personal development and my business. During the last half a year, I have been proven the opposite - I learned new ideas, new views, acquired new knowledge, and most importantly - new connections. Nick strives to keep topics relevant and discussions meaningful. I feel the EGN Singapore is on the right trajectory.


Jude LIM Business Consultant
Business Development | Speaker | Coach

After spending some time with Nick, I have come to know him as one who is generous, have the look out for his team-mates & a charitable heart. Being the director of EGN, he has the awesome responsibility to bring value to this community and professional organisation, which he does with full gusto. If you have not connect or come to an EGN, it’s time to take action & connect with Nick.


Talent, Learning & OD Business Partner

Nick was one of my speakers speaking at PrimeTime Professional & Business Women Association. During the many occasions we were working together, Nick is always humble, dedicated and committed to the cause. He inspires me and with his authenticity and resilience. I would not hesitate to recommend Nick to any roles that require him to motivate others.

Bryan O'Loughlan
Principal Consultant at CFO Associates Asia Pte Ltd

I am fortunate to have met and continue to know Nick Jonsson who heads up the EGN Networking Group here in Singapore. Nick leads a wonderful team and has built a network of sharp-minded Executives who come together at regular intervals to share, discuss and offer answers to a range of both common and new business challenges that are prevalent in today’s world; particularly across the Asian precinct. My experience in the Finance Leaders Chapter of EGN Singapore provided me with rare chance to associate and interact with senior peers in the profession who were generous, considerate and honest in their shared experiences and outcomes. For anyone wanting to raise the level of their networking and tap into a much better opportunity, I would thoroughly recommend you reach out to Nick or check out EGN Singapore.

Antonio Climent
Vice President Human Resources EMEAA Region Laureate International Universities and Advisory Board Member at EGN

I met Nick as Managing Director of EGN, in my opinion, the most prestigious global association for executive networking and development, of which I’m honoured to be part of the Advisory Board. Nick is doing an outstanding work in Singapore, always raising the bar, and offering a unique exposure to the latest leadership and business trends to a selected group of Singapore business leaders. 


Joerg Kuehn
Certified Executive Coach | Consultant | Developing high-performing leaders and teams.

I worked closely with Nick during our collaboration in the EGN and I truly enjoyed his no-nonsense, pragmatic and very determined as well as focused management approach. I appreciated his openness to suggestions whilst at the same time keeping the team together and ensuring we deliver our results as planned. Well done and keep it up Nick, to take EGN into an even more successful future. 


Hock Lye CHAN
I help companies increase engagement & performance by improving employees’ resilience, self-awareness, & growth mindset.

After a year in EGN, I have expanded my network, kept up to date with the latest and gained knowledge from leaders in the field. I can’t think of another group that does it so well. I’m happy to continue my membership. Thank you, Nick, and the EGN team. Keep up the good work.

Farzana Shubarna
Advisory Board Member | Supply Chain | M&A | Business Development | Cultural Transformation|

I have known Nick since 2016, through his role as MD of EGN Singapore. Nick exudes dynamic and client centric leadership in managing EGN Singapore. He has always been prompt and professional in understanding members’ needs/challenges. Simultaneously Nick had been successful in introducing new formats, concepts and impressive guest speakers for EGN sessions. Nick’s communication style is very effective for APAC cultural backdrop. I look forward to our continued professional collaboration here in Singapore for coming years.






Thorsten Leppek: "Building connections with peers... often in different industries so you get totally new ideas" 

Verne Mundell: "EGN always allows me to come away with new thoughts and ideas and yes, I have applied those in several areas"

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